At the Erudee* Foundation, we're dedicated to providing post-secondary student scholarships in Science, Technology, Arts, Education,  and Mathematics to scholars in low-income countries in the Caribbean nations and East Africa through qualified partner institutions within the student’s country or region.

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​The Erudee* Foundation was established to provide scholarships for post-secondary education in the areas of Science, Technology, Arts, Education,  and Mathematics to students in low-income countries in the Caribbean (CARICOM) region and East African countries (in the East African Community). Rather than provide educational opportunities at schools located in mature economies, the Erudee Foundation’s approach is to offer instructional opportunities at qualified partner institutions within the student’s country or region. In this way, the student, local educational infrastructures and economies benefit from the Foundation's support.

We begin by supporting students in their senior year of a qualified high school who have been identified as candidates to enter university following completion of high school. 

*Remember, the Foundation’s name is pronounced ERR-you-dee and is derived from the Latin word eruditus,  meaning “well-instructed and learned” and “to educate or train.”

What We Do

Our Mission

* Fund scholarships to technical educational institutions and universities in low-income countries (LICs) in the Caribbean and East Africa 

* Support students completing their senior year of high school who plan to enter university

* Provide hardware and software to qualified students   (i.e., desktops, laptops, tablets). 

* Build relationships with educational institutions throughout these regions.