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Jean-Marie Sends His Greetings from Rwanda

     Jean-Marie is entering his first year in college after finishing his advanced level senior year at The Don Bosco Rushaki High School in Rushaki sector, Rwanda. 

      We have helped Jean-Marie by providing him with a computer to advance his studies.  He has just taken the national tests for college entrance- he may qualify for a national scholarship!  But if it doesn't cover the cost of college, The Erudee Foundation has committed to support his education. Let's wish him all our best!

Meet Rizickson!

​    We met Rizickson who, at the time, was serving as our guide on a short hike through the jungle base of Kilimanjaro (Tanzania).  He is keen on beginning his studies in COMPUTER SCIENCES  so to get things rolling we provided him with a laptop. Our goal is to underwrite Rizickson's college studies starting this year! 

Jean-Claude Enters Year 2 of University!

​Through your support, Jean-Claude entered the University of Technology and Art in Byumba, Rwanda last year and is now entering his second year. He is pursuing his BA in ENGLISH and FRENCH EDUCATION. When on break from university, Jean-Claude works part-time at the College of Don Bosco de Rushaki to help support his education.  

Congratulations Handla!

     With your support, Handla completed her degree in NURSING at the Polytechnique Don Bosco, in Fort Liberte, Haiti in  March, 2017.

      When Handla was young her mother took her to hospital for a serious illness, and from then on Handla's goal was to take care of people in her community and her family.  She was mentored by Headmaster, Father Seymour Musset and today works on the north coast area of Haiti. She couldn't have done it without your support!!

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