The Erudee Foundation is a public non-profit foundation organized under the laws of Pennsylvania, USA. The Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit. Your contribution is tax deductible. The Foundation was started in 2013 and your contributions have helped fund the educational activities of the organization. 

Public contributions provide the financial support to accomplish the mission of the Foundation. The Foundation, through its Board, makes it best efforts to determine in its discretion how contributions should be used, consistent with the goals and mission of the Foundation.

Through the generous contributions of our supporters we have already provided support for students in Haiti, Rwanda and Tanzania  In 2019 we are looking to fully fund three new full-time students.  

Funding by individual donors, foundations, corporations, educational institutions, and international education funders is thankfully appreciated.

Thanks everyone for your support on  Giving Tuesday this past November.  It made a real difference to our scholars!! 


Please contact us at to learn more about contributing to the Foundation.

Financial Support

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